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Journal caché (dans le Chaudron – Deshaan) ratée la traduction !

Property of Nestrana Furotis

I was war­ned about kee­ping this dia­ry. When the Elder found me wri­ting down my thoughts for the day, she snat­ched the page from my hands and ins­tant­ly set it alight. « Don’t you unders­tand the mea­ning of 「secret order」, » she asked.

But I’ve kept a dia­ry since I was a young girl ! It kept me sane during the lone­ly times. And, honest­ly, I haven’t felt as lone­ly as I do now in a long time. So, I’ll keep wri­ting, but it’ll stay a secret. Just bet­ween you and I, right diary ?


We’re lea­ving the boar­ding house for a new place of wor­ship in Deshaan. Apparently, it contains a shrine that our lea­der­ship has sought for years. Rumor has it that we’ll be living in a cave now. A cave ! With bats and worms and such.

When I joi­ned up last sea­son, I thought it would be fun chan­ting and bur­ning stuff. But now I’m sur­roun­ded by some tru­ly obses­sed people and will be slee­ping in the dirt. I think I have made a grave mistake.


I need to leave. What have I done ? We have slaves wor­king for us ! Some work until they die from exer­tion. And there is a mons­ter … I don’t know what he is, he runs the ope­ra­tion here. I’ve read all about the Daedra that we deal with. I’ve even hel­ped sum­mon a few of my own. But this Baron Zaudrus, I’ve seen nothing like him. He’s mas­sive and looks like he could tear off my arms with a finger.

We’re sup­po­sed to per­form the ritual soon. They’re killing them. All of them. I can’t do this. I need to leave.